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I want to wish a happy fathers day to my dad, and to all dads out there!


I coming home

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Passo sella

It has been quite a while since i have gotten around to blogging, but ill try my best to catch you all up my adventures here in Italy, and perhaps shed some light on my feelings about leaving.

My exams have come and gone here. I have gotten grades back for three of the four exams I have taken and have passed them all. Usually after taking exams, i have a pretty solid feeling about how they went, but the structure of exams here is quite a bit different, and after finishing them here, i was quite mystified about how well i would do. But so far so good, just waiting on one more grade, and then I’ll be worry free with a whole summer of fun and adventures in front of me.

In the past week or so since i have finished exams, i have been having a pretty good time enjoying myself here in Bolzano. But it has been damn hot! Most other people here still have exams to take, so ive been spending most of my time with a small group of people who have finished their exams. I have been doing a lot of climbing, we went to Lago di Garda and rented sailboats for an afternoon.

And now i’m packing, which is slightly difficult. My backpack was mostly full when i arrived approx 6 months ago, and i have accumulated quite a bit of shit while being here, and now i’m trying to fit everything into the same bag. I looks like it might work out, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow night I’ll be spending approx 10 hours in Innsbruck before heading to Munich early in the morning on tuesday to fly home. And damn it feels weird to be packing up my life and heading home. I think it’s one of those things that won’t quite hit me until i am actually gone. but yet again, we’ll see…

We had an amazing bbq in the park last night. I think probably 30-40ish people were there at different times over the course of about 5 hours. I’m on my third cup of coffee today and have quite a bit of organizing and cleaning to do yet.


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my exam at 2pm just got postponed until 6. Which is a bummer because i want to take it now and get it over with, and also because we were planning on going climbing after the exam. So here’s what i have to say about it all: SHIT!

and on that note i think ill take a nap and then review a tad bit more, have snack/dinner and then take this damn exam.

here’s a pic of us at the music festival this past weekend. (please note that i have no idea who the guy on the far right is)


Genova and exams

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My first exam is this friday in development economics. Not looking forward to it too much. The finals has 7 questions and we are supposed to answer two of them in two hours. Yikes, but not much i can do about it other than do some studying and reading, eat a good breakfast and take the damn exam. Then two next week, and one the following monday. And then i have a week to tie things up here and im off. A week in wisconsin with the parents, and then i’ll be back in Seattle, to spend the summer working, bbqing, biking, and catching up with friends there.

All that aside, i went to a music festival this last weekend i spent in Genova at a music festival. the festival was held in a castle a few kilometers outside of town up on top of a huge hill that provided fantastic views of the city and the Mediterranean. The festival wasn’t anything fantastic, but camping in the moat of a castle for a weekend, swimming in the Mediterranean on a sunny afternoon and hanging with friends made well worth the 5 hour drive.


Flickr is not working as of now, but when it does ill upload some pictures from the weekend. And on that note, i’m off to do a bit more studying…

ciao, ci vediamo presto negli stati uniti!

Cinque Terre, visitors, and thoughts on going home

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Firstly i would like to announce that i just made a stir fry with tortellini, which i think is a slight culinary faux pax, but it was damn delicious.

Then I want to say that I had an excellent time with Kira and her friend Melissa this weekend. It was nice to see her and catch up on life as well as have some adventures here in Italy, while our parents were relaxing at “Little Ten Work Camp”.

We spent the first few days in Bolzano see the few sights that are on offer her. We went up one of the cable cars here with much nicer weather than when my parents were here (sorry mom and dad, but the view was much better this time). We also went on a bike ride with some of my friends here. Our original plan was heading to lake about 10 km from Bolzano, but one thing lead to another, and we ended up going to a different lake that was quite a bit farther away. Half of out group didn’t make it, and those of us who did were pretty much dead by the time we got there. The weather was hot as hell, and the rental bikes were rather shitty. My “three speed” had some where between 1.5-2.5 gears at any given time, which if i remember right is about what my parents dealt with when they rented bikes here.

We then headed off to Cinque Terre, which is now on my list of favorite places in the world, and must see for anyone heading to Italy. We spent our time there hiking, swimming, jumping off cliffs, and hanging out with a pair of Australians that we meet. I decided to come last minute and didn’t book accommodation, but brought my sleeping bag and slept on the hostel terrace (half) under a table, which was surprisingly comfortable. Google “Cinque Terre” and check out some of the pics out there, I was lazy with taking pictures, so i’m waiting for other people to email me their fotos as of now, but i’ll share what i get when i get it.

As my time here in Italy is winding down (LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT!!!), I want to thank everyone who came to visit me here: my mom (twice), my dad, my sister, Marie, Alicia, Kira and Melissa. I had a great time with all of you, and really appreciate you taking the time to visit me here. Some of my best memories of my time here, are with you guys on the respective adventures that we had together. So here’s a big thanks to all of you!

So as the “less than a month left” thing has been sinking in, i’ve been thinking more and more about life this summer, and what’s going to be going then. Apart from the obvious stuff like: hanging out with friends, and grilling out, and biking around Seattle, and playing Ultimate, here’s some other stuff that I haven’t much of in Seattle, that I want to do more of this summer.

  • Camping -> I’m flexible here, I don’t care who comes or where we go or what we do, but apart from Little Ten I haven’t been camping that often since moving to Seattle.  But all the camping I’ve been doing around here has reminded me how much I truly enjoy camping.  So here it is: I don’t care if you want to go back packing, or go car camping, or go camp at some big festival that i know nothing about, I’m ready to go camp, and have a good time with anyone willing to come along.
  • Climbing -> I’m new to this, but really enjoyed all the climbing I’ve done here and want to continue to climb when I get home.  So if you climb, great, and if you don’t, that ok, we’ll get you started this summer, and have a great time doing it.
  • Speaking not English -> I know a lot of Spanish speakers back home, and I’m hoping when i get back that we can do a better job of using our Spanish than i have done in the past.  Especially because my Spanish is going to need a lot of cleaning up after six months of Italian.  Also,  I want to relearn what little ASL i knew, and probably learn some more.  I think that mostly falls to Matt Reed and Alicia, but if any of the rest of you can sign, let me know and we’ll go at that together.  I don’t know how i’m going to go about using my Italian once i get home, but i plan on finding a way, so any ideas of help with that would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hiking -> this might go along with either the camping or climbing, but let’s face it, for all of us who live in Seattle, we live in an amazing location to do some fabulous hiking.  So this is me saying, that I have do about ten times more hiking than I’ve done in any other previous summer in Seattle.

So now I’m tired of typing and tired in general, so i’m cutting this off for now.  Thanks again to everyone who visited me here!  I’m looking forward to seeing and hang out with everyone this summer.  Also, anyone coming to Italy, book at least two nights in Cinque Terre, you won’t regret it!

Blogging as a form of Procrastination

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And here we are again, this is actually (which means kinda) a legitimate break from my paper. I’m just waiting for someone else to reach a good stopping point before going to get a pizza.

But….. I though I would share an email that I received from the uni-party office today. Uni-party is a student organization here and UniBZ, that, as the name suggests (you guessed it!), organizes parties here in Bolzano/Bozen for us Students. So here it is:

“Game over! – but next year the party goes on.

The uni-party team says THANKS to all of you who came without intermission to the uni-parties during this academic year; thanks to our helpers and to our partners. Without your support it would not have been possible to launch this project so successfully. Particular thanks also to the Exchange Students for your enthusiastic participation at the Motto-Parties.”

Here it is again:

Particular thanks also to the Exchange Students for your enthusiastic participation

That’s right, I just got thanked for partying enthusiastic, of course along with my other foreigner friends here.

so that’s it, I just want to say “good job” to us, and now a nice big pizza, perhaps some yerba mate and I’m back to work.

I am currently not writing my essay

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This essay, which is due in about 48 hours, is quite annoying. The prompt is excessively vague, and other guidelines are rather nonexistent. And the goddamn weather is beautiful today. But here I am, trying to enjoy a bit of the weather, sitting on the library terrace, trying not to daydream about doing something way more exciting than writing this stupid essay. But here it goes, I’ll keep this bit of blogging/procrastinating short and get back to work. I tried to keep myself away from such distraction as twitter and skype, which worked fine… Until Brendan (yes, this is his fault) made a comment about a previous blog entry and I received the corresponding email asking me to moderate it. But then again, he is probably the person most familiar with my studying/paper writing/procrastination habits, and secretly I am enjoying the fact that I am not writing my essay right now. So on that note, I’d like to send out a big thank you to Brendan, and just say quickly that I had a great weekend at the first annual Sud Tyrolean Slackline Festival in Naturno.

Back to work… or maybe I’ll have a snack instead… or maybe upload some pictures… or maybe…